About me

Hi there, my name is Jessica. I am originally from New Jersey, but I have made South Central Pennsylvania my home for over 10 years now. I am a mother, Gigi, and a Jersey Girl at heart...

After purchasing our home in Pennsylvania and taking on a number of DIY projects, I discovered that I have a passion for getting hands on with projects, learning to use new tools and trying out different techniques when it comes to customizing things. Even on the worst DIY day...think of the DIY TV show Renovation Realities live and in person without a crew to clean up the mess and reset the project, the drive to keep pushing, making and fixing never died off. Making the transition from simple DIYer to designer, maker and headache taker for my own business was a pretty natural one.

My style is best described as "perfectly imperfect". Yes, I know it's quite the cliche description when it comes to describing restyled materials, but how else can you describe a gorgeous piece of furniture full of character, painted,distressed and customized to worn in, well loved looking perfection? I run from the cookie cutter, straight out of a magazine decor, and I embrace the imperfections in the materials I work with.

When I'm not in my studio, I'm managing life's day to day tasks, adjusting to my now non-existent role as taxi driver to my youngest, enjoying my journey as a grandparent or rallying around with other Mini Cooper lovers. No matter where I'm at or what I'm up to, my affection for creating is always there. The simplest ride home from the store has been known to turn into an unexpected adventure when I've discovered a lonely piece of furniture sitting on a curb waiting for trash day, only to be rescued by me and transformed from junk to gem! As the adage goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure", well in my case, this lady loves bringing new life to old furniture, even if it means a few u-turns, some complaints from the family that sound a little like, "Here we go again...she found another one", and a little heavy lifting! Thank goodness for pick up trucks and a family who accepts my crazy ways!

Not only do I discover many treasured pieces put out for trash, but I LOVE finding deals. From the ultimate coupon score to getting my hands on affordable pieces to refinish and repurpose, I strive to not break the bank on DIY projects around the house or projects for my business. As I develop and grow Urban Debris, my number one priority will always be to keep my home decor items unique and affordable.

So follow along on what's definitely going to be a crazy and entertaining journey of creating, growing, saving, traveling and more, as I build my dream business and make a few memories along the way!

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