"Make everyday count!"

Hi there, my name is Jessica Perez, Owner, Creator and Dreamer Extraordinaire at Urban Debris.  I love to find the second life in old furniture, to paint, to travel, to challenge myself to learn new things everyday and to find excitement in the mundane.

I run from the cookie cutter, straight out of a magazine decor, and I embrace the imperfections in the materials I work with.  Life is too short to be like everyone else.  I truly believe that the decor we surround ourselves with should reflect our unique personalities, the memories we make during our travels around this crazy world and ultimately our own personal interests and stories.

I paint custom finishes on furniture, turn junk items into gems and I can even help you turn your vision of taking that boring cabinetry in your home to a beautiful and refreshed reality.

No matter where I'm at or what I'm up to, my affection for creating is always there.  So follow along on what's definitely going to be a crazy and entertaining journey of creating, learning, traveling and more, as I pursue my dreams, demonstrate and offer great products to all of you and make a lot of new memories along the way!