It’s Official…The Blog is Live and I’m a Hot Mess!

Welcome! This first post has been a To Do item, headache and procrastination point in the making! My website has been up and running for WAY too long, and I have been agonizing over assembling the right words to welcome you to my site, my business and my amazingly chaotic life, but here I am…putting it out there and FINALLY putting words to the screen. It is both exciting and terrifying all at once. Over the past few MONTHS, yes MONTHS (like I said it’s been a procrastination point), I have researched, questioned, jotted down notes, tossed said notes in the trash and simply avoided the task of getting to this post. I had read about what I should do to make an UNFORGETTABLE first post, what not to do and ultimately drove myself crazy over how I should enter the world of blogging with some profound first post. At the end of all of that, I decided to go with what works for me. And that is to simply be my not so traditional, break the cookie cutter, come on in and make yourself comfortable self, and simply welcome you to my journey of doing the DIY thing, painting furniture, and building my dream business all while juggling my often sweet, sometimes a little nutty, family and being the hot mess that loves it all! So, kick off your shoes, pour a cup of coffee and enjoy!

“We’re all mad here”.

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