From Dusty to Delightful

I always love a good challenge. From the roadside finds that need to have a few drawers repaired to the more complicated spindle replacement on a headboard, I am always happy to take on the more difficult projects. Mostly, it is because I know that the end result of each project is going to be absolutely worth a few headaches along the way.

However, I will admit, that I do love an easy project every once in a while. It’s the sense of satisfaction that comes with finishing a task and crossing it off of your list. There’s nothing quite like it, especially if you’re a list maker like I am. I always have lists…at home, at the store, and even in my phone! But, the best part is when you have that list full of things to get done, the task gets completed and then a big ole line gets drawn right through one of those daunting little buggers….utter satisfaction!! Alrighty, Geek moment officially over, moving on…

When I started looking for a new display for my paints, I was fortunate to come across this lovely.



It was far from the usual paint displays you find in stores, and that bit of uniqueness appealed to me immediately. It had plenty of storage for what I wanted to use it for, it had character, it was nice and sturdy and boy, was it DIRTY! After a little bit of a road trip to pick it up, my less than eager teenage daughter helped me get it unloaded and then real fun began.

Not only did this piece get a good cleaning, but I added some casters to make it easier to move around the store.

When I say this cabinet was dirty, I mean there were LAYERS of dirt that needed to be vacuumed out and then washed, rinsed, and washed again! I lost track of the number of refills my little bucket got before this baby was ready for the real freshening up!

All of the effort was worth it, because once the years of dirt and wear were cleaned off, the cubby’s true character really started to shine, but it needed a little more. Do you know the feeling you get when you’re cleaning something and you just love the wet look of it, but as soon as it dries you’re left wishing it could have just kept that deep, rich look? Well, that is exactly what happened here, but I had a solution up my sleeve.

Knowing how awesome the Wise Owl Furniture Salve is, and ALL of it uses:

  • Furniture polish
  • Removes oxidation from metal
  • Leather conditioner and protectant
  • Neutralizes odors
  • Cleans and polishes stainless steel appliances
  • Beard and hair balm (great for curly hair or frizz)
  • Hand and nail treatment
  • Makes drawers slide easier
  • Car wax

I knew it was exactly what this piece needed. Not only was it going to revive and condition this wood cabinet, it was going to leave it smelling absolutely fresh and clean!

A little before and after of the cabinet using Wise Owl Furniture Salve. The difference is amazing!

Clearly, this product has a list of benefits and uses, but the one that I can’t stop talking about is the application. Simply apply it using a wax brush or a clean cloth, and then just wipe off any extra residue. That’s it…easy peasy!! Aside from the intense cleaning that this pigeon hole cubby needed, the “makeover” that brought it back to life and made it a conversation piece in my store was a simple application of a product I definitely cannot live without!

Here she is! Cleaned, hydrated, sealed and smelling incredible!

And just like that, this project went from a deep cleaning, to an easy application of Wise Owl Furniture Salve, decorated and done. Leaving me with another job checked off of my list!

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